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IGANONY: The best story viewer and downloader

The bestest and amazing tool used Anonymously as Instagram Stories Viewer and Downloader. It is the best alternative app used. It is super Fast and very easy to use for everybody. Using this fabulous application you can watch anyone’s Instagram story. All this will be done without them knowing. So isn’t IGANONY The best story viewer and downloader amazing features application in the market?


It is a super easy and Entertaining tool used for Instagram. If you are not a person that likes the Hassle of creating account, confirmation and password setting things. Then you are at the very right spot. Here we will provide you all the information regarding this app IGANONY.

You will never have to create an account or have the trouble to remember passwords. Because Iganony is just a few steps of the game. All you gotta do is mentioned right below just follow.

  •  Just open browse on you phone or any device your are comfortable with 
  •  Now enter the official web address of
  •  Now in the search bar enter username or profile URL 
  • Press on the search icon on the right side of the search bar.
  • You are done now, enjoy surfing and view Instagram profiles or even download if you like something.

Benefits Of Using IGANONY 

You would probably know that, when you watch an Instagram story, the user is always notified. It is the terms of Instagram that they notify the user with the activities being done with their posts. It is absolutely fine with public content. But sometimes it is good to view and download Instagram content without anyone knowing.

Here comes Iganony which is free. It is a 100% private Instagram Story Viewer plus downloader so you can sneak into your favourite accounts. It lets you discreetly and anonymously see and download videos. You can use it to view images from anyone you are interested in for free. 

If you are interested in keeping yourself updated. Now you can. Using this amazing app just stay up on all the latest information and posts of your favourite Instagram accounts.

Feature Of IGANONY 

Free To Use 

Most websites like IGANONY are not free and you will have to hook up with some subscription amount monthly or as the procedure they use. But this website, you can do it free of cost and download all data you want from Instagram. It will help you to look up your favourite accounts and download all sorts of images and videos you are interested in.

Account Subscriptions And Installation 

Using the marvellous tool you are free of the hassle of creating accounts and paying monthly subscription. With Iganony you will not have to download and install applications. You will just have to visit the webpage as mentioned above and also use the process listed to search for your special accounts. With a few steps you can even download whatever you want from Instagram. 

Note: when you are searching for an account, make sure to type in the correct information of the Instagram user account you are searching for. This is best for better and accurate results.

Save Stories Directly Your Phone

There isn’t any other folder to visit or create to save your download data. All downloads with high-quality content will be saved right to your device.  

File Formats Supported For Downloading 

You can save videos in the format of MP4 and Photos in JPEG format. Using this website you can take advantage of all the features mentioned above.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Questions & Answers to clear your mind. If you have any other please feel free to ask in the comment section.

What Is An Anonymous Viewer?

It means you can look up an Instagram user’s account data without them knowing about it.

Will This Work On My Phone?

Absolutely, this is an online website which can be accessed using any device comfortable with.

Does This Website Collect My Data?

Most certainly not, it doesn’t track your actions or download history. But your search history and favourites will be saved in browsers so you can lookup again easily 

Does This Website Store Photos And Videos?

Certainly not, All media belongs to the respective owner and is hosted so it has no rights to save it into its own website.  Is a legit website with the right full terms and conditions. 

Can I View A Private Account?

Sorry, Iganony is free but only for public account views and download. You can view any of the public accounts content and even download them.


This webpage is safe, easy and free to use. All the features using the website are mentioned in detail. Moreover, this webpage is legit to use. Which respect the terms and conditions of Instagram’s privacy. Besides that you have the right to use this website without any hassle of creating an account. Enjoy viewing and downloading Instagram public profile data. Save into your phone but don’t misuse it. Thank you 


IGANONY isn’t connected with Instagram. So don’t host any Instagram content on its servers. This webpage is legit and works on terms and conditions in respect to Instagram. Keep it mind that all rights belong to their respective owners Instagram. You have rights of viewing and downloading public profiles of Instagram.