JoinPD Create Professional And Engaging Content 

Do you know about joinPD? No, then let’s discuss information about Pear Deck. It is a famous website helping teachers in creating attractive and professional presentations.  Students take part in these exciting sessions and enjoy learning. 

It offers many tools to make attractive presentations for both teachers and students. JoinPD links teachers, study and students together. There are links built by teachers and shared with students to participate in sessions created for education.

Create Presentation With JoinPD

If you want to create eye-catching marvellous documents and learning sessions then joinPD is the one for you. How to make things happen is mentioned below in detail.

  • browser Pear Deck official website
  • Register yourself by creating an account.
  • Click on create presentation
  • At the top find Add-ons
  • Click on Add-ons
  • Now search for Pear Deck from the search bar.
  • Once again click Add-ons
  • Tap on Pear One and click open it
  • You will find varieties of presentation templates.
  • Select and use them to make your attractive Presentation.
  • After creating Presentation
  • Select Present With JoinPD.
  • a site will appear with the five-digit code as soon as you Click 
  • shared code with the students or other users to share Presentation.

How Students Can Join Creative Sessions 

It’s very simple for students to join the presentation session. Just follow the some steps to join JoinPD.

  • Go to JoinPD
  •  Enter the code in the white box provided by your teacher. 
  • This code will contain six-letters. 
  • This code doesn’t exist and contains lowercase letters.
  • Now enter your email and automatically log in.
  • Another way is to search the URL your teacher has sent and immediately start your lesson.

It is essential to inform that the website website has been replaced to

Type Of Engaging Presentations

Pear Deck is an amazing web-based tool. It allows you to create presentations in slides. With Pear Deck, you can make engage 

Formative assessments. You can Provide audio instructions, Lessons using Google Slides and an interactive study using online PowerPoint.

Pear Deck engages students in formative assessments such as

  • Draggable
  • Drawing 
  • Multiple-choice
  • Number
  • Text responses


drag a dot or pin and even mark to show their understanding of the topic being presented using the dragging method 


This multiple-choice feature allows teachers to assess students’ comprehension quickly.


This number feature permits a numerical response to a question which also shows range and answers.

Text Response

To give written answers to questions suggested by your teacher is called text response.

Multiple Choices

With the JoinPD Add-on,you can create audio instructions, descriptions, plus examples for your presentation. Using this method students respond to collective questions in their JoinPD Slides session. You can create new recordings instantly or upload using desktops.

Additional  Features 

Using joinPD you can add questions, quizzes, and discussions to your presentation to engage through content more dynamically. It gives the option to monitor student progress making it easier to assess.


  • Creating your basic account is free and easy. 
  • Go to the official website and create a teacher account.
  • use short code which can be shared with students using Google Classroom. 
  • simply enter the code to join your session open for Presentation.
  • The teacher dashboard permits teachers with students’ progress.
  •  Using a teacher account, you can pause, reverse or slow down your work.
  • Student answers can be seen on the teacher’s device.
  • Teachers can lock the students’ screens.
  • Go back to previous slides to add some other questions.
  • Remote learning and class control. 
  • Add audio to slideshows.
  • Add personal notes.

Google-unified Tool

This tool permits editing presentations directly through Google accounts. JoinPD offers different interactive activities. It is used as an asynchronous teaching tool and is smoothly working with Google Suites.

Packages And Prices

The basic plan is free for its users with the option to use basic but advanced features like using Polls, Quizzes, create question answers etc.

joinPD Premium costs $149.99 per year per person with varieties of features like Personalised creation, feedback, Storage for templates and Priority email support and much more to it.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is Pear Deck used for?

The Pear Deck is used for sharing and creating presentations between students and teachers. 

Is Pear Deck Available For Free?

You can use it for free but with the premium version you can do so much more.

How do I join the code?

The code will be shared by the creator of the presentation with joinPD.

Can I Join The JoinPD Unknowingly?

Yes, the Pear Deck allows the students to join Unidentified. 


joinPD is one of the most useful yet effective websites to be connected with. With creative work and study processes it also helps the teachers and students to develop a good relationship between work and them. Study is advanced just like JoinD. So if you are looking for an attractive and engaging way of education this is the best option for you.

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