Myflexbot: bestest Amazon Flex grabber tool

Myflexbot is a program that can help you automate your delivery blocks and guarantee that your drivers maximise their earnings with Amazon Flex. It is the bestest Amazon Flex compared to many others in the market. How is this beneficial and how to make use out of this is mentioned below in this content.

What Is Amazon Myflexbot?

Myflexbot helps Amazon Flex drivers plan several delivery shifts, simply put, it’s software intended for Amazon Flexible drivers facilitating bulk purchases and customer delivery. The Amazon Flex bot lets Amazon drivers quickly find local batches to streamline shifts or blocks.

This program simplifies identifying and claiming blocks, helping drivers acquire the shifts they want while offering speed limiters, records, email and SMS notifications, and more. When Amazon Flex blocks are available, Myflexbot notifies the driver. Drivers may effortlessly claim parking with this app.

The driver can configure block-specific notifications in the program to be notified immediately if their preferred shift becomes available. Myflexbot has a GPS navigation system to help drivers find delivery destinations and a shift-sharing calendar for Amazon Flex drivers. It simplifies and profits drivers.

Myflexbot automatically assigns Amazon Flex app or website delivery blocks to drivers. Enter Amazon Flex credentials into the Myflexbot app or website. Logging in lets you choose blocks, delivery location, time, and payment rate.

The software will find suitable system blocks using this data. The software will automatically claim a block that meets your needs when available. It will email you when it automatically claims a partnership so you can quickly accept it.

How Does This Tool Work?

You probably already know that drivers can automate their delivery schedules with MyFlexbot. How to utilise MyFlexbot is as follows:

  • Sign up for MyFlexbot with a new account. You can sign in using your Amazon Flex email and password.
  • After signing in, you’ll be able to browse a calendar of all the timeslots that are available for delivery. You can now claim the spots you want with a simple button.
  • Set up alerts if you wish to be notified when new openings become available. When a vacant time slot is detected, the system will alert you so that you can claim it.
  • Get your delivery times planned out in advance. Time slots convenient for you can be claimed at specific times of the day or in specific geographic locations.
  • You may monitor your delivery efficiency by using features like analytics and reporting tools to view data like your claimed slots, completed deliveries, and earnings.
  • Modify the reimbursement procedure to suit your needs. 
  • This allows you to customize your MyFlexbot and secure the time slots that work best for you.

Impacts Of Myflexbot 

The benefits and drawbacks of Myflexbot are shown below.


The following are a few of Myflexbot’s many benefits:

  • The software can automatically locate and claim available Amazon Flex delivery blocks, making it more straightforward for drivers to schedule the hours and deliveries of their choosing.
  • When a new block becomes available, Myflexbot can notify drivers so they can get it before anyone else. 
  • The software can monitor the driver’s development and performance and record financial and delivery data.


The following are a few of Myflexbot’s drawbacks:

  • Since Amazon does not develop it, formal support is not provided.
  • Some drivers may be unable to afford the software if they cannot lock down many blocks or make a substantial income from Amazon deliveries.
  • There’s a chance that using this software will make people feel less competitive and less connected to one another than they would if they had to hunt for blocks and race against other drivers manually.

The software’s automation and tracking features could stop working if it stopped working or became outdated.

Is Myflexbot safe to use?

Amazon Flex drivers have used Myflexbot to streamline their processes, quickly becoming a popular tool. The driver’s workload is simplified with this aid. Myflexbot’s safety should be carefully considered before employing it, nevertheless.

Block grabbing is against Amazon Flex Terms of Service.

Please consider the Amazon Flex terms of service and any concerns you may have about the safety of your data when using MyFlexbot before we provide an answer. 

Drivers who utilize batch grabber software or any other automated method to complete batches and make deliveries risk having their Amazon Flex accounts terminated if they are found to violate Amazon’s terms of service.

Distribute Your Amazon Flex ID To Acquire Blocks

Users of Myflexbot are prompted to input their Amazon Flex login details (email and password) upon first use. Consequently, using MyFlexbot exposes you to the constant possibility of having your data compromised. 

Myflexbot, on the other hand, believes it has already taken many measures to protect its users’ privacy and security. Some users have had their accounts compromised because they trusted the Flex bot with their credentials. Even if security is not an issue, customers may still encounter difficulties if caught using the bot because Amazon Flex has severe restrictions prohibiting bots and automated procedures.

The potential benefits of using Myflexbot should be weighed against the potential drawbacks. The drivers should consider the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing the bot carefully before making a final decision, and they should take all necessary steps while inputting their login credentials to reduce the security risk.

The Myflexbot Price

The 15-day free trial on MyFlexbot’s website may vary by area and availability. After the free trial, monthly fees are $50. This price includes unlimited bots, task automation, scheduling, and resources.


Flex bots are becoming more popular due to their convenience and earnings potential. However, security issues may arise. The user interface is simple, and the program is frequently updated. MyFlexBot is a valuable tool for Amazon Flex drivers, offering a 15-day free trial.

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